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Piccadilly Serve De SuiteĀ® Signature Set for Modern OnešŸ”„

Piccadilly Serve De SuiteĀ® Signature Set for Modern OnešŸ”„

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BLACK GLOVE SERVICEĀ® PRESENTS: an analog timer for actionable goals.

Before the proliferation of mechanical clocks, ancient cultures kept time through burning incense. Today at TOAST, we've reimagined the practice as a way to be intentional with our time.



1. Set an intention for your time. Bonus points if it's something you've been putting off.

2.Ā  Select a stick of incense from your IT'S IT šŸ”„ incense tube. Give yourself permission to dedicate the burn time of this stick to your goal.

3. Place the incense stick in your Charred Wood Incense Holder. Silence notifications.Ā Strike a match.

4. Light up your intention. šŸ”„Ā 

5.Ā  Save the spent incense sticks as a reminder of your power and purpose in this world. šŸŒ


This package includes five signature pieces from our Modern Home Collection:

1 Piccadilly Serve De SuiteĀ® Electrified with the Toast Signature Burn šŸ”„ and IT'S IT cipher, each are numbered on a first come, first served basis.

1 Charred Wood Incense Holder

1 IT'S IT šŸ”„ tube of 21 black incense sticks

1 Modern One Sign

1 Please Do Not Disturb Sign

Each objet d' art is unique to you, considered a work of art by TOAST and numbered accordingly.

Ā©TOAST Tap & Provisions 2023


A note on burn time:

This is a handmade incense, and no two are the same. The burn time of each stick is determined by the thickness of the incense: the thicker sticks burn for approximately one hour and thinner ones for approximately thirty minutes.


**Re-order more TOAST incense sticks to keep up your practice.**

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