What We Do

At TOAST, we design distinctive, sensorial, inspiring guest experiences for hospitality brands.

Our goal is nothing short of hospitality excellence: moments to be savored, shared, remembered and revisited, again and again.


Inspire better, deeper engagement in your savviest guests the moment they walk through your door. From branded art installations to experimental menus and must-share serveware, we can make every square foot of your space the most Instagrammable spot in the room.



We design to change the way you serve. Gorgeously functional and infinitely adaptable, our products streamline your back of house while giving guests something to tag about. Even better, our small-batch manufacturing affords us the flexibility to innovate new products for you, and adapt our designs to you. Share your wildest ideas with us, and we'll design a way to serve them fabulously.



We have an eye for the unexpected and the irresistible. From throwback bar toys to one-of-a-kind decanters, we source products that spark joy in guests’ hearts. Because we consider that extra something special essential to any space.


We offer a complete design and experience consultation, from concept to product to decor to brand. Simply tell us what you want to sell more of, and let us invent a way to make it irresistible to your guests.  The BLACK GLOVE SERVICE ® name is also available for licensing opportunities with like minded brands that align with this philosophy.